“There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays” – 2013 Was Our Year of Traveling – Christmas Cards

Christmas is by far my husband and I’s favorite holiday. We both look forward to it every year and some of us have been preparing for it since October. *ahem* yeah, that would be me *ahem* We love the traditions, the holiday spirit and the decorations. Ohh the decorations! We have coined the term “Christmas threw up in our apartment” and when my sister came over for dinner the other night, she agreed!

One of my absolute favorite parts of the holiday season is the Christmas cards. Last year, I designed “Our First Married Christmas” card and sent it out to all of our family and friends and got tons of compliments on them. This year, I felt the pressure. Ohh, no one was pressuring me, but myself – but isn’t that how it usually works?

I scheduled a session to get our pictures made a little late in the game (aka the weekend before Thanksgiving – yikes!), so the pressure was actually there as I was worried about the schedule of ordering and then sending the Christmas cards… But they went out in the mail the second week of December and everyone has already gotten them in the mail.

While designing our card, I purposedly kept the front of the card very simple as I knew the back was going to be VERY busy. We have been fortunate enough to travel so much this year – so that was the focus of the back of the card. I went with the theme “there’s no place like home for the holidays” and I took a map of the United States and added pictures of all the places we visited in 2013.

There was some destinations/trips that didn’t make the map, but that’s only because I ran out of room on the map! I didn’t feature our trip to New Jersey in the very beginning of the year for my Grandma’s funeral or all of the work trips Tyler has taken Louisiana for work… Or the tubing trip we took to New Braunfels this summer… Ohh goodness… Just thinking about everywhere we’ve been makes me crave a weekend at home in Dallas right about now!

Merry Christmas to you! Love, the traveling couple

Celebrating Our First Wedding Anniversary with a Second Honeymoon

We’ve been really fortunate through our first year of marriage. Sure, we struggled… A LOT, at times… we’ve had difficulties thrown our way – some we just blindly walked into and some sacrifices that we decided to make. We were apart those first couple months while I started a new job in Dallas before T was able to transfer offices down here. We’ve been through death, sickness, health scares and a couple sprained ankles. We’ve had family drama and we’ve been homesick for our friends/life back in DC. We’ve cried. We’ve yelled. But through it all – we have overcome and we’ve succeeded. And we are still VERY much in love and in my mind, when you have love – you have it all.

We’ve also been SO BLESSED. We’ve traveled to new places and explored together. We’ve learned that being married to your best friend is the greatest thing we’ve ever known. We’ve spoiled each other rotten during Christmas and on Birthdays… And on random Wednesdays when Tyler brings home a bouquet of flowers for no reason. We’ve turned our apartment into a home. We have learned that we don’t need all that much – especially when we have each other.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to get all sappy on you, but our first wedding anniversary has meant so much to me. I have a few posts I could write about our anniversary, but I’ll start by answering the obvious question “what did you do to celebrate your first anniversary?”

Lights, glamour, glitter... Can you guess where we went?

On our honeymoon, I made my husband of only a few days promise me that every year we’d take a trip around our anniversary… Call it a “second honeymoon” or an “anniversary trip” if you’d like – but my intentions were to make sure that we always celebrated our marriage and that we went out and explored the world together. So, for our “second honeymoon,” we decided to go to Las Vegas for a long weekend! Vegas might not be the most romantic city in the world, but like I just said, we’ve learned we don’t need much in the ways of romance – we always remember that we bring our own romance.

Our first day in Vegas was literally was a blur… Perhaps it was a blur from all the free wine the flight attendant kept serving me on our way down there – or maybe it’s just because there’s so much to see and do in Vegas. We had an amazing room at the Palazoo and woke up each morning gushing over all of the extravagence Vegas had to offer.

We ended up seeing a show each night we were there. Our first night we saw Absinthe and we had the best time. If you are in Vegas and can only see one show while you are there, then you HAVE to go see Absinthe. It was seriously funny and seriously impressive – I think it’s technically call it an “acro-cabaret variety show.” We sat in the THIRD row and was literally 4-ft away from the performers during their acts.

We saw O the second night and were still thoroughly entertained… But, honestly, after seeing Absinthe our first night, O failed in comparison.

Smiling BEFORE losing all of his betting money at the slots

We ate some good food, gambled a little bit (I was up $30 in slots the first day – only gambling $10 – while Tyler gambled $20 and lost it all in the first 10 minutes! Ha!), people watched – A LOT, and just overall enjoyed each other. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I have the most amazing husband.

One year down and a lifetime of anniversaries left to go.