Creative Guest Book Ideas

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Maybe I’m going about wedding planning all wrong… Sure, I’ve got a ring, but I’ve also don’t have a date or a venue… And I’m already thinking about the guest book!? Ha! I hate procrastinating (which is kind of ironic since we are dragging our feet when it comes to picking a date) and I’m very detail-oriented, so why not start thinking about the guest book?

There’s ton of “non-traditional” guest books out there and I think that I’m definitely leaning towards the “non-traditional” route. I love the idea of having a guest book that I’ll actually look at later on in life. Maybe something decorative? Maybe something silly? Definitely something adorable!

Thumbprint Guest Book
Having your guest leave their thumbprint (and signature) can leave you with a beautiful piece of artwork to display in your home!

Having a “wedding tree” guest book is super popular right now…

via bleudetoi Etsy shop

via bleudetoi's Etsy shop

… But I’ve also see other ones where the thumbprints are meant to be balloons that are super cute…

via Silhouetteweddings' Etsy shop

Framed “Help Us Tie the Knot” Print Guest Book
Have a detailed print of a intricate knot being tied for your guests to sign at your wedding. This would be perfect to hang in your wedded bedroom and it can help you and your new hubby remember all of the love that you felt from your guests on your wedding day.

via Rachel Events

Advice for the Bride and Groom – Guest Book Coasters
Have your guest write their very best marriage advice on one of these coasters and save them to be used later in y’alls home. If I saw these adorable coasters at a wedding, I would probably write “Laugh. Laugh often and together.” :)

via LuckyBeePress' etsy shop

Photo Book Guest Book
This would be a great use for all of those proposal and engagement photos you and your fiance took before your wedding! Your guests will be able to write their well wishes in the free space next to your photos.

via Shutterfly

Share Your Key to A Successful Marriage Guest Book
Guests shared their “keys” (both figuratively and literally!) to a happy marriage by writing on tags that were attached to skeleton keys and hung on this piece of wood.


Wooden Letter Guest book
Ohh then there’s my love for all things monogramed! Having your guests sign a wooden letter (corresponding with your last name) would be a great addition to any living room!


Can you just imagine how adorable signatures on our couple’s monogram would be?!


Wine Bottle Guest Book
How cute of an idea is it to have your guest can sign your favorite bottles of wine and on your milestone anniversaries you can drink the wine together and read your guests’ well wishes? Too cute. 

personalized bottle label via EVCreations' etsy shop

PS Tyler’s older brother and sister-in-law did this at their wedding (which by the way, was the COOLEST, sweetest, most amazing wedding I’ve ever been to! I’ll have to write a post about it sometime). I had never seen it done before their wedding, so there’s a very good possibility they were the trend setters of this idea ;)

Saving the Date Calendar Guest Book
As someone who loves sending our friends and family cards for just about every occasion, I really appreciate this idea! You can have your guest sign their names by their birthdays and even their anniversaries.

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Artifacts Guest Book
You can make your guest book completely unique by incorporating different artifacts from you and your fiance’s courtship (such as ticket stubs, receipts, little keepsakes… etc.).

via Snippet & Ink

Puzzle Guest Book
Having your each of your guest sign a puzzle piece that you and your hubby can later assemble (and then frame or store in a keepsake box) can be a lot of fun both at your wedding and then afterwards.

via BellaPuzzlesToo's Etsy shop

Chalkboard and Picture Guest Book
Can you really ever have too many pictures of your wedding day? I think the answer you are looking for is NO! Ha! I love the idea of accompanying your photo booth (or something of the sort) with a chalk board where people can write their wishes or best marriage advice on. I’m sure our closest friends would come up with some interesting things to write on the chalk board!


Wine Corks Guest Book
This is a super cute idea for those brides who are getting married at a winery. Have your guests write a wish onto corks and display them in a stylish apothecary jar in your dining room or kitchen.


Message in a Bottle Guest Book
Have your guests write their congratulatory messages and then role them up and tuck them away in a bottle. You and your husband can even seal the bottle together at the end of the night with a cork! You can display the bottle in your home and plan on reading the message on one of your milestone anniversaries.

via GracefullySouthern's etsy shop

Mad Lib Guest Book
This guest book idea would actually be enjoyable to revisit later on when you get to read the creative things your guest had to say!

via myaugustpress' etsy shop

via myaugustpress' etsy shop

Polaroid Guest Book
This is a great alternative to a photo booth guest book. Have a polaroid camera on your guest book table and instruct everyone to take a picture of themselves. Self-adhesive photo corners can be pre-attached to the pages of a book so guests can easily slip pictures into place and then add little notes beside it.

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Porcelain Guest Book Platter
Can you imagine how special it would be to serve your party guest with a platter that all of your most valued friends and family signed on your wedding day? Every time you used the platter, you would be reminded of that day and all of the love that you felt.

via Designs to Remember

Wedding Day Quilt Guest Book
Being able to cuddle up with your friends and family’s well wishes would be so incredible special. I’ve seen this idea done a few different ways. You can have your guest send in a square of fabric with the wedding invitation RSVP and then have the quilt already sown together at your wedding… Or you can simply just have the fabric squares displayed on your guest book table for your guest to write on and then have the squares turned into a quilt after your wedding. Either way – this is another adorable wedding guest book idea.

via weddingbee

Wishing Tree Guest Book
“Write your well wishes for the new Mr. and Mrs.!” Having a wishing tree is not only extra decoration for your venue, but also a super easy guest book alternative. Just have your guest write their well wishes on tags that can they can hang on your “wishing tree.”

via Martha Stewart Weddings

There’s just so many options out there to choose from! I think I’ve come up with a pretty cute idea that’s a combination/alteration of a few ideas already out there… And the best thing about it is I’ve never seen another bride do this idea of mine! Of course I can’t share it with you until after my wedding because I want it to still be “original” by the time I end up using it! So stayed tuned ladies and gentlemen!